350 m/min Coating Board Paper Machine

Coating board paper machines not only meet traditional applications, but also continue to expand into new application areas. For example, coating board paper machines can be applied to manufacture coated board papers with special functions such as antibacterial, waterproof, and fireproofing to meet the needs of specific industries.

At the same time, the coating board paper machine can also be equipped with multiple coating heads to achieve the ability to coat different materials or colors at the same time, improving product diversity and innovation.

Details Of Coating Board Paper Machine

1. Types of paper: Coated white board paper

2. Papermaking quantity: 180~300 gsm

3. Clean paper width: 4200 mm

4. Design speed: 350 m/min

5. Dynamic balancing speed: 400 m/min

6. Coating method: scraper metering coating

7. Gauge: 5300 mm

The combination of Leizhan Machinery’s coating board paper machines and information technology enables networked management and intelligent control of the equipment, and is committed to helping customers improve production efficiency. If you are interested in paper machines, please contact us. Email address: leizhanworld@gmail.com