Paper Machine Felt For Paper Mill

Leizhan places high demands on the range, volume, and surface modification of its paper making felts. The company offers various felts tailored to the specific type of paper machine and the environmental conditions in which the felts will be utilized. Additionally, Leizhan provides customers with access to existing felt cleaning and purification equipment.

Applications & Advantages of Paper Making Felt:

1. Felt acts as a medium for dehydrating the paper web, absorbing and filtering out moisture as the paper sheet undergoes dehydration in the vacuum box and press area.

2. It contributes to smoothing and refining the paper surface during the transfer and dehydration process of the paper web.

3. It facilitates the transfer of the paper sheet from the wire part to the dryer part through the press part, driving the passive roller and screen cage during the operation.

Leizhan offers a comprehensive range of pulping equipment, paper making machinery, and associated components for the complete paper production line. For those interested in paper machines, please reach out to us for pricing and further details at the following email address: