Mechanical Double Disc Refiner For Paper Mill

The double disc refiner is composed of a pair of opposing discs, typically crafted from hardened steel. These double disc refiners are equipped with refining sections featuring different configurations of refining bars or plates. When the pulp is introduced between the dual discs, the rotating motion exerts high levels of mechanical and hydraulic pressure on the fibers, resulting in their refinement and individualization.

Application & Features

1. Enhanced fiber quality: By refining the fibers, the double disc refiner enhances their characteristics such as length, flexibility, and surface properties. This leads to improved fiber bonding and overall strength of the paper product.

2. Precise control over fiber properties: The double disc refiner offers meticulous control during the refining process, ensuring consistent fiber properties and high-quality paper output.

3. Energy-efficient operation: Double disc refiners are designed to optimize energy consumption, making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly refining solution compared to alternative methods.

4. Broad applicability: With the ability to process various raw materials like hardwood, softwood, recycled fibers, and non-wood fibers, double disc refiners are versatile machines suitable for a wide range of paper grades and applications.

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