Complete Writing Paper Production Line A4 Paper Making Line

 Details Of Copy A4 paper Machine/A3 Paper Machine:

 This type of complete writing paper production line a4 paper making machine  is used to produce cultural paper such as a4 paper ,

newsprint paper,  shool use paper….  our fourdrinie a4  paper machine has international ISO,BV certifications.

1. Production Variety: a4 paper, newsprint paper,  scholl use paper/ writing and printing paper 

2 Paper-making quantity: 11-25g/m2

3 Trimmed width:2850mm

4 Operating Speed:800m/min (dryer)

5 Design Speed:900m/min

6 Dynamic balancing speed: 1200m/min

Sketch of structure:

1 Head-box

Pulp flows into cone mains with certain pressure ,after   an even  constraint of the mains, goes into

wedged-shaped flow channel and is sprayed at the spout.

2 Wire Section

This ISO and BV certificated  newsprint fourdrinier paper machine

Wire section adopts crescent dehydration forming way and  dehydrate quickly with

centrifugal force and tension of polyester mesh. Mainly consists of shape roll, carrier roll,

wiper blade, adjusting device, spray pipe, water pan, net of rack, etc.

3 Press Section

Spare parts

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