Automatic A4 Paper Making Machine

With the utilization of Leizhan Machinery’s A4 paper making machine, the production of paper with optimal flatness is achieved, significantly minimizing the occurrence of issues like wrinkles and breakage. Moreover, the resulting paper exhibits exceptional writeability and durability. Additionally, the versatility of the A4 paper making machine enables the production of various specifications and types of writing paper, catering to diverse user requirements and market demands.

Details of A4 Paper Making Machine

1. Paper Grade: High-grade Fine Paper, Carbonless Paper, A4 Paper

2. Trimmed Width: 1880-3750mm

3. Basis Weight: 40-80gsm

4. Operating Speed: 200-1200m/min

5. Production Capacity: 20-270t/d

Our A4 paper making machine offers customizable parameter settings and process flow adjustments to cater to user preferences, enabling the production of writing paper in various specifications like A4 paper, letter paper, manuscript paper, and more. We invite you to reach out to us via email at for tailored solutions that best align with your requirements.