Paper Making Line Machine Agitator

Agitator is a pivotal equipment used to effectively mix and agitate pulp in various manufacturing processes. It finds extensive application in paper mills, pulp mills, and other industries involved in paper manufacturing. This essential device agitator ensures optimal blending and agitation within pulp tanks, facilitating efficient production and superior quality paper products.

Application & Features of Agitator

1. The pulp tank agitator is designed with a cantilever structure and utilizes a V-belt reduction transmission for efficient and trouble-free operation. This simple yet reliable design allows for easy installation and maintenance.

2. The agitator blades are adjustable and can be replaced as needed. This flexibility enables the adjustment of blade placement angles to cater to different pulp requirements. Real-time monitoring and adjustment of the mixing effect ensures consistent and superior pulp quality.

3. To accommodate specific on-site conditions, the agitator blade angle can be adjusted accordingly, ensuring optimal mixing performance.

4. Constructed with high-quality materials and a robust structural design, the agitator boasts excellent corrosion and wear resistance, guaranteeing long-lasting performance even in demanding industrial environments.

5. Equipped with an advanced control system, the agitator offers precise control over mixing speed, duration, and strength. This level of control ensures the desired mixing results, enhancing efficiency and product consistency.

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