Pulp Refiner Machine for Paper Mill

Pulp refiner machines are classified based on their refining principles and applications.

Here are the common classifications:

Disc Refiner: These machines use rotating discs to refine pulp. They are known for their high efficiency in refining various types of pulp.

Double Disc Refiner: This type of refiner has two discs that counter-rotate, providing a higher refining effect and increased pulp consistency.

Conical Refiner: In conical refiners, the pulp is refined between a stator and a rotor, leading to improved pulp properties and uniformity.

Low-consistency Refiner: These are used for low-consistency pulping, such as in recycled paper pulping.

High-consistency Refiner: This type of refiner is designed to handle high-consistency pulping, often used in virgin fiber pulping.

These classifications are based on the refining mechanism, pulp consistency, and specific applications of the pulp refiner machines. If you need a refiner, please contact us.

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