Pulp Refiner Machine For Stock Preparation Line

Leizhan Machinery’s pulp refiner machine is designed to decrease power demands while maintaining fiber performance, leading to significant cost savings on power for the factory. Selecting the appropriate pulp refiner machine can help minimize energy expenses and elevate the energy efficiency of the system.

Application & Features of Pulp Refiner Machine

1. Fiber fibrillation and enhancement of paper strength.

2. The discs have the capability to efficiently process the pulp.

3. By adjusting the gap between the discs, refining intensity can be managed to attain the desired paper characteristics.

4. Come with sophisticated control systems that oversee the refining procedure and track key parameters like disc speed, pulp consistency, and energy usage.

This guarantees effective refining and top-notch paper quality.

If you are interested in our paper machine for stock preparation line, please feel free to reach out to us by email at leizhanworld@gmail.com to discuss further details and explore your options.