Printing Paper Making Machine With Pulp Equipment

Printing Paper Making Machine with Pulp Equipment

Printing A4  paper making machine overview:

1. Production Variety: a4 paper  

2 Paper-making quantity: 11-25g/m2

3 Trimmed width:1880mm

4 Operating Speed:800m/min (dryer)

5 Design Speed:900m/min

6 Dynamic balancing speed: 1200m/min

7 Main Gauge: Model section 3750mm,dryer section 4150mm,winding part 3650mm (Subject to the final design)

 8  Kind of drive :AC Motor speed conversion drive

 9 Main drive power: 388.5kw

Printing A4 paper making machine production line:

Waste paper → high consistency hydrapulper → high frequency vibrating screen → pulp pump → efficient double disc pulp refiner → pulp pump → chest agitator→ pulp pump → centrifugal screen → pulp pump → impurity remover → a4 paper machine → calendar → winding machine → rewinding machine → marketing

culture paper machine

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