News Print Copy Paper Making Machine Small Paper Manufacturing Plant

News Print Copy Paper Making Machine Description:

This paper making machine mainly used for produce a4 paper,copy paper,writing paper,etc.

News Print Copy Paper Making Machine overview:

1. Production Variety: a4 paper  

2 Paper-making quantity: 11-25g/m2

3 Trimmed width:1880mm

4 Operating Speed:800m/min (dryer)

5 Design Speed:900m/min

 6 Dynamic balancing speed: 1200m/min

7 Main Gauge: Model section 3750mm,dryer section 4150mm,winding part 3650mm (Subject to the final design)

8  Kind of drive :AC Motor speed conversion drive

9 Main drive power: 388.5kw

A4 paper machine specification

Paper grade High-grade fine a4 paper,copy paper,etc
Trimmed width(mm) 1880-3750
Basis weight (g/m2) 40-80
Operating speed(m/min) 200-1200
Production capacity(t/d) 20-270


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A4 Copy Paper Production Line