Inflow Pressure Screen For Pulping Line

Inflow Pressure screen is used in the process of coarse and fine screening of paper pulp . The ‌ inflow pressure screen is a relatively advanced pulp screening equipment in the modern world. It has the characteristics of high screening quality, large capacity and low pulp flow pulse. Inflow pressure screen is siutable to be the fine screening equipment for wood pulp, waste paper pulp and various straw pulp, especially it is a better choice to work as wire screening for paper machines.

The inflow pressure screen we provided is in small motor power and high production capacity. For this pressure screen, the inflow structure and low pulse is helpful to have effective homogenate. Automatic oil injection device and seal water detection guarantee the normal reliable running of machine, and maintenance frequency would be reduced. No gaskets in the pulp outlet and the connection of flow pipeline is seamless, so there is no fiber hitching.

Inflow Pressure screen runs in the fully-closed pressure condition. Qualified pulp flows through the pulp pipe and enters into screen drum through the sieve seam, with the help of pressure difference produced by the rotating blade. Rotating blade can improve the circulation of pulp and prevent the sieve seam blocking. Finally the pulp comes out through the pulp pipe.

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