High Grade A4 Paper Culture Paper Production Line For Paper Mill


A4 paper making machine can use waste paper(waste white shavings,waste newspaper,magazines,waste books,office paper,etc) and wood pulp as raw material to produce a4 paper.

High Grade A4 Paper Culture Paper Making Machine Details:

1. Production Variety: a4 paper

2 Paper-making quantity: 40-80g/m2

3 Trimmed width:1880-3750mm

 4 Operating Speed:200-1200m/min

 5 Production capacity:20-270t/d

6 Raw material:waste paper,wood pulp

 7 Kind of drive :AC Motor speed conversion drive

Our company can offer paper mill whole A4 paper making line, include A4 paper pulp making line, A4 paper making machine and paper machine spare parts.

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