Fully Automatic Low Price Of Paper Mill Office A4 Copy Paper Making Machine

A4 paper machine

Product Description Of Office A4 Copy Paper Making Machine:

 This Fully automatic  low price of paper mill office a4 copy paper making machine   is designed for high quality culture paper making. Its main paper products is A4 copy paper, writing and printing paper.

We can provide whole A4/ copy paper production line , including pulp &paper making equipment  and paper machine spare parts. All the equipment have international certifications. 

Main technical data of Office A4 Copy Paper Making Machine:

1. Paper product: A4 paper / copy paper/ writing and printing paper 

2.  Grammage: 50-400g/m2

3. Paper width: 1800mm

4. Rail distance: 2800mm

5. Working speed: 40-80m/min

6. Designed speed: 120m/min

7. Nominal capacity: 20t/d

8. Transmission: Alternating current frequency conversion fractional drive.

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