A4 Paper Making Machine Making Line For Paper Mill

A4 paper machine

A 4 copy paper machine can  use waste  paper(such as waste  books,  news paper, used office paper, waste paper edge from printing factory ), virgin  pulp as material to make  high quality a4 copy paper, culture paper, writing paper and office paper.

1.Technical design: Pulping, paper making and processing equipment adopt one-stop process design.

This advanced design occupies small space for convenient operation and management. It has high security

and automatization degree, and can provide you high production with steady quality.

2.requirement for the water,electricity, air and vapor

Requirement for the electrical source:

High voltage: AC10000V±10%

Low voltage: AC380V 220V±10%

Frequency: 50HZ±1%

Operated with compressed air:

Dielectric pressure: (aire supply)0.6-0.7Mpa

The highest temerature: 35°C

Quality: need filtrating

Working air pressure: above 0.6Mpa


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