30 TPD Paper Recycle Plant For A4 Culture Paper Production Line

This complete A4 culture paper production line is fourdrinier multi-cylinder type. It’s usually to make a4 paper, writing paper, office paper and other culture paper.

A4 Culture Paper Machine Features and Advantages:

1. Introduce most advance technics and best quality accesories, has great durability and performance.

2. Our A4 culture paper machine is fully automatic and computerized, so paper mills need less worker training.

3. Professional engineers are available overseas for production design and machine installation& maintenance.

3.Our A4 culture paper machine has quality ensurance of  kinds of certifications: BV, CE , ISO9001.

The Main Specification Parament of A4 Culture Paper Machine:

1. Kind of paper a4 paper, writing paper, office paper and other culture paper.
2. Basis weight 40-80g/m2
3. Trimmed width 1820-3750mm
4. Work speed 350m/min or more
5. Power 1406kw
6. Production

20-270 t/d

Our company can offer paper mill whole A4 culture paepr making line, welcome email us if you are interested in our paper and paper pulp machine, and you also can leave message on this website, our business manager will send you email about more machine details and price.

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