1092mm Fourdrinier Culture Paper Machine For Paper Mill


Technical parameters Of 1092mm Fourdrinier Culture Paper Machine :

Raw material :waste paper, OCC AOCC
Output paper: printing paper,writing paper .
Output weight: 30 —120gsm
Paper width: 1092mm
Net-cage width: 1450mm
The gauge:1800mm
Drives: use frequency conversion, and drives by step.
Manpower : 8-10mans/shift(8hours)
Factory area required: 1200-1500m2

Main equipments Of Culture Paper Machine:

1. Hydrapulper

This product is used to pulp the pulpboard, newspaper, waste paper

2. Dryer 

This is one main part on the paper making machine, used to dry the wet paper sheet.

3. Cylinder mould

This is main parts of paper making machine, it used to make the paper pulp to wet paper sheet.

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