High Standard Production Process Cultural Paper Making Machine

A4 paper machine

Technical Parameter of A4 Paper Machine :

Item \Type Cultural paper making machine
Trimmed width(mm)  1880-3850
Working speed(m/min) 200-1200m/min
Grammage(g/m2) 40-80
Production capacity(t/d) 20-270t/d
Output paper cultural paper,a4 paper,write paper,etc


Main Spare Parts of A4 Paper Machine :

  • Fourdrinier Wire&Mould Machine
  • Shoe Press
  • Dryer Cylinder
  • Vacuum Pump&Vacuum System
  • Sizing Machine
  • Coating Machine
  • Roll Press
  • QCS
  • Paper Winder
  • Finished Product Package Delivery System
  • Paper Cutter
  •  Lubricating System & Hydraulic System & Air Compressor System
  • Steam and Condensate System
  • Cooling Tower

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