Working Principle Of Paper Machine Multi-disc Filter

The paper machine multi-disc filter is composed of a tank body, a hood, a disc shaft, a distribution valve, a pulp stripping water spray device, a screen washing water spray device, a transmission device, a pulp discharging device, etc. It uses the vacuum generated by the filtrate water leg tube. As a driving force for filtration, in the pulp and paper industry, the clear height of the water leg is generally required to be 9m.

Most of the angles of the new distribution valves of paper machine multi-disc filters can be slightly adjusted from 5° to 10°. The general purpose of adjustment is to obtain a better outlet white water concentration. Usually when the outlet white water concentration increases, the corresponding water volume will decrease. On the contrary, when the outlet water volume increases, the corresponding white water concentration will decrease. Users can make appropriate adjustments during the debugging stage according to their own needs. After the equipment enters normal operation, the distribution valve angle will no longer change.

The paper machine multi-disc filter has the advantages of high filtration efficiency, easy operation and easy maintenance. At the same time, by adjusting the filtration parameters, the filtration and separation of suspended solids of different particle sizes and concentrations can be achieved, which is suitable for a variety of industrial production scenarios. Welcome to contact us for details. Email: