Small scale Toilet Paper Machine Manufacturer

Here is a detailed introduction to the dryer cylinder of the toilet paper machine. The surface of the dryer cylinder is sprayed with a special alloy coating, which has high strength and high thermal conductivity. The inner wall of the dryer cylinder of the toilet paper machine has grooves and reinforced ribs to increase the heat conduction area and strength.

The surface metal coating of the dryer cylinder of the toilet paper machine is a special alloy coating with a thickness of about 0.75mm. The cylinder surface hardness range is HV700-900. The surfaces of all fixed parts are sealed with special heat-resistant sealing materials. The internal heat insulation of the Yankee cylinder journal uses a stainless steel bushing to prevent the bearing from overheating.

Details of Toilet Paper Machine

1. Paper type: Toilet paper

2. Maximum gross output of paper reel: 54 tons/day

3. Papermaking raw materials: commercial wood pulp

4. Maximum paper roll diameter: 2500 mm

5. Wrinkle rate: 20-25%

6. Dryness after pressing: 37.5-39%

7. Moisture content of finished paper: 5.5-7.5%

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