Energy-Saving Pressure Screen Specially Designed For Paper Mill

The innovative design of the energy-saving pressure screen facilitates the natural removal of light impurities and air from the pulp through the top slag outlet, while heavy impurities swiftly settle at the bottom for effective extraction. Additionally, this energy-saving pressure screen features a hardening process that boosts wear resistance, and users have the flexibility to customize the gap between the rotor and screen drum to suit their individual needs.

Main Specification

1. By implementing an up-flow design with pulp feed from the bottom, the contact between heavy impurities and the rotor and screen drum is minimized, thus prolonging the equipment’s operational lifespan.

2. Remarkably reducing energy consumption by lowering the power usage in the screening section.

3. Enhancing screening effectiveness by integrating a specially crafted rotor design for superior performance outcomes.

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