Underfeed Rewinder For Kraft Paper Making Line

The Underfeed Rewinder consists of a paper unwinding rack device, a longitudinal cutting device, a frame combination, a transmission device, a support roller device, a paper roll tightening device, a paper pressing roller device, a paper guide roller device, a paper push roller device, an adjustable multi-section movable arc roller device, an electric control device and a pneumatic control system. It has become a development trend in the papermaking machinery industry to use AC drive instead of DC drive for Underfeed Rewinder.

The main features of this underfeed rewinder are as follows:

Paper feeding type: bottom feeding

Paper type: boxboard, kraft paper, corrugated paper

Paper weight: 80~240g/m2

Net paper width: 4360 mm

Base paper diameter: 2800 mm

Finished paper diameter: 1200 mm

Working speed: 1200 m/min

Dynamic balance speed: 1500 m/min

Paper feeding speed: 15-25 m/min

Inner diameter of paper tube core: 76 mm

Slitting knife: 5 sets

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