Professional Paper Machine for Paper Mills

Leizhan Machinery is committed to creating high-quality paper machine equipment and providing customers with a full range of paper machine solutions. Many paper mills found that the equipment would have various problems after purchasing the paper machine. Leizhan Machinery found some problems after discussing with partners.

For example, the stability of the sizing pressure determines the stability of the pulp-to-net speed ratio. The size of the pulp-to-net speed ratio determines the longitudinal and transverse tension of the paper sheet. A large fluctuation in the pulp-to-net speed ratio will cause fluctuations in the dehydration rate of the net part and uneven fiber forming quality; fluctuations in the uniformity and longitudinal and transverse tension of the paper will cause changes in the peeling angle of the pressing part; changes in the tightness of the paper web in other parts will cause paper disease or paper breakage.

It is usually required that the instantaneous fluctuation value of the headbox pressure of the paper machine is within 0.6kPa. The main reasons affecting the pressure fluctuation are the pressure stability before the sizing pump, the inherent pulse of the pump, the speed control quality of the pump, the pulse size of the screen before the net, and the air content in the slurry. When it comes to pressure, it is very important to choose a pressure sensor with high accuracy and stable performance. This is the first eye of the paper machine, and it plays a key role in the normal operation of the paper machine and the quality of paper.

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