Stock Preparation Equipment High Consistency Hydrapulper

High-consistency hydrapulpers are widely applied in the paper industry, mainly for the preparation and recycling of pulp. Leizhan Machinery’s high-consistency hydrapulper can process a variety of raw materials, including waste paper, waste cardboard, waste paper boxes, wood pulp, etc., and can produce cellulose pulp required for various types of paper, such as toilet paper pulp , packaging paper pulp, cultural paper pulp, etc.

Main Specification

1. The automatic feeding system is adopted, which can provide continuous and stable feeding according to production needs, improving production efficiency.

2. The equipment is made of high-quality steel. After precision processing and heat treatment, it is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, ensuring stable operation and long-term use of the equipment.

3. It is driven by an efficient and energy-saving electric motor, which has the characteristics of strong power and low energy consumption, which reduces production costs.

High-consistency hydrapulpers will play a more important role in the future paper industry, providing more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for paper production. Welcome to contact us. Email address: