Stock Preparation Equipment Drum Pulper

Drum pulper consists of a cylindrical drum or tank made of sturdy materials like stainless steel. Drum pulper is typically equipped with a set of paddles or vanes that rotate inside, helping to break down the raw material and facilitate pulp separation.

Application & Features

1. Mixing and Pulping: The rotation of the drum combined with the paddles agitates and mixes the slurry, causing the raw material to disintegrate and separate into individual fibers.

2. Water Circulation: To maintain an optimal consistency and temperature in the pulping process, water is continuously circulated through the drum pulper. Fresh water is added while the diluted pulp is drained to remove unwanted impurities and contaminants.

3. Pulp Extraction: After the pulping process, the fibers are extracted from the drum pulper. This can be done through a series of screens and refining stages to remove impurities, achieve desired pulp consistency, and control fiber length.

4. Contaminant Removal: Drum pulpers are designed to remove large contaminants like wires, staples, plastic, and other non-fibrous materials. These contaminants are collected in a reject chamber or discharged through a reject pipe system.

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