Small Production Tissue Paper Making Machine For Paper Mill

tissue paper machine

The tissue paper making machine for recycling paper adopts advanced forward pulp hang type to feed pulp.

Speed of the tissue paper making machine is fast and paper quality is excellent. It is easy to operate and needs no long time worker  training .

Its main feature is high speed and fully automatic. It brings high profit for paper mill investors

Technical data of tissue paper making machine

1.Trimmed Width:1575-3600

2.Raw material: Virgin Pulp, recycled paper, De-inked pulp.

3.Output paper: toilet tissue paper

4.Basis weight:13-40g/m2

5.Production capacity:5-50t/d

The  automatic toilet paper making machine used to make toilet tissue paper roll in paper making industry.

Welcome email us if you are interested in our tissue paper making machine, our company can offer paper mill whole tissue paper making line.