Single Facer Corrugation Cardboard Production Line

Single Facer Corrugation Cardboard Production Line,Testliner Board Paper Making Equipment

Corrugated paper making machine brief introduction:

Corrugated paper making machine, the net paper width is 4400mm, the max.operating speed is 350m/min, it is mainly used to produce liner cardboard paper. It is mainly divided into the following parts: headbox, fourdrinier part, press part, front drying part, included column surface sizing machine, back drying part, calender part and reeling part.

corrugated paper machine

Corrugated paper making machine specification:





Mill roll stand Shaft less hydraulic paper reel handling machines paper reel clamping, lift-lower, centering of the paper reel. Expandable chucks, pneumatic brakes.


Single face Suction cover vacuum adsorb to guide paper, Cr-Mo alloy, diameter of roller is φ380mm. Pneumatically control the gap between glue roller and corrugated roller, Manual fine-tuning the amount of glue, Glue pump automatic cycle, Frequency Control, speed adjustment by investor.


Conveying bridge Single face drive,Automatic synchronization operation.Electric adjusts centering cardboard,adsorb tensioner control.


Double glue machine Adjust amount of glue and gap manually, pneumatic paper press, Automatic glue application and glue pump operation to control the glue thickness so that card boards are straight and higher bursting strength


Triple preheater Eclectic or steam heating to adjust area of preheating, diameter φ800mm./ φ600mm

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