Reject Separator For Paper Making Line

Leizhan Machinery’s paper making equipment reject separator can provide clean and impurity-free pulp, taking your paper quality to a higher level. We are committed to protecting the reject separator from damage by impurities, extending equipment life, reducing production costs, and reducing equipment wear and blockage.

Application & Features

1. Optimize the equipment structure, materials and process flow, improve the separation efficiency of the reject separator, and reduce impurities in the pulp.

2. Energy conservation and environmental protection, green development, reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution.

3. Advanced automation and intelligent control systems realize remote monitoring and automatic adjustment of equipment.

4. Develop a multi-functional reject separator to meet different types of pulp and process requirements and improve adaptability.

We offer a variety of models and customized solutions to meet different pulp and process requirements. Choose our reject separator, you will have first-class equipment performance and excellent paper quality! Email address: