Press Roll For Waste Paper Recycling Machine

Some press roll will cause some problems in high-speed paper machine manufacturing, such as high and early wear of the press roll surface, easy peeling between the roller body and the rubber layer, etc. The following is a brief introduction to several common damage phenomena of press roll.

Damage Phenomenon

Chemical attack.

After the coating material on the surface of the rubber roller absorbs chemical substances and reacts, it changes the mechanical properties of the roller surface system, such as hardness and wear resistance, and usually the roller surface will be deformed.

The holes on the blind hole roll surface are clogged.

If the blind hole is blocked by residue and dirt and continues to operate, not only will the effective diameter and effective depth of the blind hole be reduced, the dehydration capacity will be reduced, and the dryness of the wet paper will be significantly reduced, but the rubber surface will also be reduced. damage.

Vacuum roll surface damage caused by external spray.

Improper use of the cleaning spray device outside the empty roller can also cause damage to the rubber surface, such as excessive nozzle pressure and improper nozzle arrangement.

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