Paper Pulping Machine Medium Consistency Hydrapulper

The medium-consistency hydrapulper plays an important role in the paper making production process. Medium consistency hydrapulper can improve the crushing efficiency and quality of fiber materials and provide high-quality raw materials for subsequent paper production.

Main Specification

1. Using the combined action of high-pressure water and mechanical force, the raw fiber can be effectively broken down and dispersed to ensure the quality and uniformity of the fiber.

2. The use of hydraulic pulping technology, compared with traditional chemical pulping, can reduce the use of chemicals, reduce energy consumption, and achieve the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection.

3. The equipment adopts an advanced automatic control system, which can accurately control the time, pressure and temperature of pulping to ensure the stability and consistency of the pulping process.

4. It can adapt to different types of fiber raw materials and has strong processing capabilities and adaptability.

5. The equipment structure design is reasonable, the operation is stable and reliable, and the maintenance is convenient.

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