Paper Pulp Medium Consistency Pressure Screen Machine

The medium consistency pressure screen adopts pressure filtration and extrusion technology. The working principle is to achieve pulp screening and separation through the internal high pressure difference and screen structure.

The pulp is sent to the medium-consistency pressure screen through the pulp feeding device, and then a certain screening pressure is formed through the extrusion device. The pulp passes through the screen, and larger impurities and fiber bundles are trapped in the screen basket, while the pulp continues to flow out.

Application & Features

1. Multi-wing block, no winding, high-efficiency and energy-saving rotor.

2. Suitable for high concentration (2.5~4%), saving white water circulation in the system and saving energy consumption.

3. Equipped with multiple protection devices, it is durable, reliable and stable.

4. Integrated base and detachable taper sleeve pulley for easy maintenance.

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