Paper Pulp Grapple For Paper Making Mill

Grapple is applied in conjunction with the lifting equipment in the continuous crushing system to regularly capture light and heavy impurities in the trash well. Grapple is mainly composed of a cylinder, four bucket flaps and a connecting rod. Matched with the trash well to form an impurity removal system.

Application & Features

1. Grapple has a high level of automation and can achieve unmanned operation or remote control.

2. Configure the intelligent functions of the grapple, such as fault detection and early warning.

3. Grapple has high handling speed and weight carrying capacity.

4. Optimize the energy-saving performance of the grapple and reduce energy consumption.

5. Develop new grapple materials to improve wear resistance and lifespan.

Our grapple adopts advanced technology and sophisticated manufacturing, and has strong handling capacity and efficient pulp transfer effect. If you have interest to our machine, please contact us by email: