Paper Machine Forming Section

paper machine

Paper machine is the equipment that turn slurry into paper, contain form part, press part, drying part, sizing part, and reeling part. Forming is a very important part of the papermaking process, if there is no good shape to talk about the quality of paper, the following is a summary of the production line.

Paper machine forming section

Forming device classification: Fourdrinier forming device, Cylinder forming device, Bel-Vac former Bel-Vac, Composite forming device and On top former Tampella.

1. The main structure of Fourdrinier forming device: endless knitting network, breast roll, couch roll, formation board, table roll, foil box, vacuum suction box. The main dehydration components: table roll, foil box, vacuum suction box.

2. Cylinder forming device principle and structure: mainly coatin cylinder mould, cylinder Vat and couch roll. Cylinder mould in the cylinder Vat, with the cage of the rotation, due to the difference between the liquid level inside and outside the cylinder, fiber and other materials in the slurry due to the role of filtration continue to deposit to the wire side of the cylinder. When the fibrous layer passes through the couch roll above the cylinder, from the wire side to felt to form wet paper.

Fourdrinier forming device shortcomings:
① Single-sided dehydration, two sides large.
② Power consumption large.
③ There is a free surface, affecting the quality of paper.

The shortcomings of Cylinder forming device:
① Small area of dehydration, affected by the centrifugal force, the speed is not easy to improve.
② Easy to produce foam and paste.
③ Fiber longitudinal orientation.
④ Selection and elution effect is not good.

3. Advantages of Bel-Vac former Bel-Vac:
① Forming dehydration environment closed, no free surface.
② Both sides of dehydration, two sides small.
③ Dehydration, can be completed high-speed papermaking.

4. The characteristics of Composite forming device: It is characterized by Fourdrinier machine as a basis, before entering the double layer forming there is a “open net” copy of the preforming area.

5. The structure and characteristics of the On top former Tampella: stacking machine is install a number of separate forming device on the Fourdrinier stable.

① Forming good quality, good printing adaptability.
② According to the different raw materials to control the quality of the layers of paper, so that the difference between the banner is small, vertical and horizontal tension small.
③ Product adaptability, quantitative and variable speed range is big.
④ Simple and compact structure, easy maintenance operations, the cost is moderate.
⑤ Core of the quantitative can be higher, can use a lot of secondary fiber.
⑥ Can control and adjust the paper layer of the dry point, to ensure the best combination of humidity.