Paper Industrial Steel Machine Chain Conveyor

Our company has been committed to the research, development and production of various types of paper making equipment, such as chain conveyor, and has achieved a good reputation and performance in the market. We have advanced technical strength and a professional team to provide you with high-quality, high-efficiency chain conveyor equipment.

Application & Features

1. Using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology, the sprocket is made of steel castings, grooved plate stamping, double-row roller traction chain, hollow roller shaft, oil can be injected from the pin to the sleeve and tin-zinc-copper wear-resistant lining set.

2. The conveyor chain plate adopts a closed design to prevent material leakage, achieve reliable and stable material transportation, and meet the requirements under various working conditions.

3. The two rows of chains are connected as a whole using long shafts, which not only prevents the chain from deflecting, but also provides an efficient chain conveyor drive system.

4. The baffle is V-shaped, with high material throughput, smooth conveyor operation, and high conveying capacity and efficiency.

After the equipment is put into use, we will provide comprehensive after-sales service and maintenance support to ensure that the paper equipment continues to operate stably and solve any problems that may arise in a timely manner to help you fully understand and use our paper equipment to achieve the best results. Email: