Linerboard Paper Making Line

Linerboard Paper Making Line

Linerboard paper can be used for producing container board, and the production of container board is the highest of all kinds of paper in the world due to its great demand.

Leizhan supplies full set of linerboard paper making line for paper mills to produce high quality linerboard paper by using various kinds of raw material like waste paper, recycled paper board, wood pulp, white shavings, etc.

The whole linerboard paper making line divided into two parts: linerboard paper pulp processing line and linerboard paper making machine.

Linerboard Paper Pulp Making Line

First of all, raw material will be conveyed into Drum pulper or D type hydrapulper by Chain conveyor for pulping.

After pulping, High density cleaner and Low density cleaner will be used for removing heavy impurity in paper pulp.

After pulp cleaning, Coarse pressure screen, Fine screen, Lip screen can be used for pulp screening

To process tail pulp after Coarse screen, Fiber separator, Vibrating screen can be used in the paper pulp processing line.