Drum Pulper In Waste Paper Recycling

Drum pulper is often used for gentle continuous pulping and coarse screening of waste paper under high consistency. Drum pulper can continuously pulp the waste paper delivered by the chain conveyor and screen preliminarily. In the process of pulping, screening function of drum pulper can reduce the burden of following equipments and simplify procedure.

Advantages of Drum Pulper

1.High effiency to deslag and long pulping residence time
2.Low energy consumption and low rate fine fiber loss
3.More raw materials can be pulped, including OCC, LOCC, EOCC, etc.
4.Maintain the physical property of fiber under the gentle continuous pulping in high consistency.
5.External of drum pulper covered by stianless steel, prolonging service life.

Drum pulper is one of the pulping equipments provided in our company. You can consult us or browse the website according to your needs. Equipments used in the following steps are also designed and produced here, such as drum screen, impurities cleaner, refiner, etc. Machines of the whole paper making line are offered. If any problem, please contact leizhanworld@gmail.com