Disc Thickener For Paper Mill

Paper equipment disc thickener is an important equipment applied to thicken pulp in the paper production process. The disc thickener continuously dehydrates and concentrates the pulp in a stack of discs in the disc concentrator, reducing the moisture content in the pulp and increasing the solid content of the pulp to achieve the purpose of improving paper quality and production efficiency.

Features of Disc Thickener

1. Adopting advanced concentration principles and structural design, it can achieve an efficient and stable concentration process and ensure the concentration effect and consistency of pulp.

2. Equipped with an intelligent automatic control system, it can accurately monitor and adjust the concentration process to ensure that the pulp concentration effect reaches the best state.

3. Use advanced energy-saving technology to comply with environmental protection requirements and reduce production costs.

4. It has strong adaptability and can be applied to different types and specifications of pulp concentration to meet the different production needs of customers.

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