Calender For Waste Paper Making Line

Calender is indispensable in the final stages of paper making. The calender can make the finished paper more glossy, tight, smooth or transparent, prevent and reduce powder and lint loss, and improve the appearance of the paper web and some of its physical quality indicators. When the calender is pressurized, the dynamic speed drop of the main drive is small, the dynamic response is good, and the static speed stabilization accuracy is high.

Application & Features

1. Long service life, meeting the requirements of the use process.

2. Use floating controllable mid-height rollers or zoned controllable mid-height rollers that can compensate or control the mid-height.

3. The chilled cast iron roller adopts a hot roller structure and temperature control technology with through holes or jackets around the roller body.

4. Adopting a quick roller release and soft landing mechanism, the rollers in the roller group can quickly separate from each other when the paper is broken, so that the paper meal roller is protected from damage.

5. Equipped with online detectors and computer control systems for paper web tension, smoothness, gloss and thickness.

The calender of Leizhan Machinery can smoothly adjust the working speed, and the speed is stable when increasing, decreasing or decelerating the speed. If you have interest to our machine, please contact us by email: