4600mm Underfeed Rewinder For Sale

Through the underfeed rewinder, large rolls of paper can be reslit into small rolls or standard rolls for subsequent processing and sales. Through the operation of the underfeed rewinder, the base paper can be better utilized, meet market demand, and improve production efficiency and product quality.

Details Of Underfeed Rewinder

A Adopts modular design, which makes the rewinding process easy to observe and easy to operate.

B The main transmission devices are directly on the ground to minimize the impact of vibration.

C The unwinding part, slitting part and rewinding part are independent in foundation, and the vibrations are not transmitted to each other.

D The slitting blade in the slitting part is driven by a single motor, and the upper and lower circular knives are positioned pneumatically. It is convenient and quick to adjust the paper cutting specifications.

E The non-equal quality design of the two bottom rollers can effectively reduce the generation of resonance.

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