3250mm Coating Board Paper Production Line

Whether it is special requirements such as gloss, smoothness or ink absorbency, we can provide you with the perfect solution for the coating board production line. At the same time, we can also optimize the design of the coating board paper production line according to different base paper types and coating processes.

Details Of Coating Board Paper Machine

1. Paper type: coated paper.

2. Quantity: 80-250g/m2.

3. Clean paper width: 3250mm.

4. Frame/bearing/bottom rail center distance: 4500mm.

5. Line pressure: 20-250KN/m.

6. Working speed: 300m/min

7. Dynamic balancing speed: 400m/min.

What we provide you is not only an ordinary coating paper production line, but also an innovative equipment that can improve production efficiency and product value. Welcome to contact us for details. Email address: leizhanworld@gmail.com