15T Corrugated Paper Production Line For Sale

Leizhan Machinery’s corrugated paper machine adopts advanced technology to efficiently produce corrugated board and improve production efficiency. The corrugated paper machine has a high degree of automation and adopts an automatic control system, which can automatically control and monitor the production process and reduce manual intervention.

Details Of Corrugated Paper Machine

1. Paper Grade: Corrugated paper

2. Operating Speed: 100-800m/min

3. Capacity: 15t/d

4. Net paper width: 1575-5800mm

5. Output paper weight: 60-150gsm

Leizhan’s corrugated paper machines have stable operating performance and high-quality production capabilities, and can continuously produce high-quality corrugated board. If you are interested in producing corrugated paper, please contact us. Email address: leizhanworld@gmail.com