10TPD Kraft Paper Machine Production Line

During the production process, waste paper is screened, beaten and deinked by the kraft paper machine, and finally forms pulp that meets the requirements for making paper.

The parameters of the kraft paper machine will vary depending on the production requirements and equipment model. Common parameters include paper width, thickness, weight and speed. These parameters are adjusted and customized according to customer requirements and market needs.

Details Of Kraft Paper Machine

1. Paper Grade: kraft paper

2. Operating Speed: 150-800m/min

3. Capacity: 10t/d

4. Net paper width: 1880-5800mm

5. Output paper weight: 80-220gsm

Generally speaking, the kraft paper machine converts waste paper into pulp through a series of processing processes, and then makes kraft paper through steps such as paper making and drying. If you are interested in kraft paper machine, please contact us. Email address: leizhanworld@gmail.com