100TPD Waste Newspaper Recycling Line

culture paper machine

There are different paper machine to produce various paper, 3200mm Cultural Fourdrinier Paper Machine produce writing paper use waste newspaper as raw material, the capacity is 100t/d. There are some parameters are for your reference.

Waste Newspaper Recycling Line

Chain conveyor: Chain plate width1400mm, inclined angle22°, Horizontal length is 6m, the total is set later, now 25m temporarily. Include hard-teeth reduction gear,electrical machine.

Drum pulper: Drum diameter=2750mm, capacity=120~150t/d,break consistency=14~18%,screen consistency3~4%. The material which touches the pulp is stainless steel.Drum section, feeding section, power section(include electrical machine,reduction gears,hydraulic clutch), Automatic lubrication controlbox, Security guard system, Positioning locking devices, Roller device,foundation bolt.

High density cleaner: Throughput=3000~4500L/min, consistency=2.5~3.0%

High speed washer: Working width=1500mm, input consistency=0.8~1%, output consistency=8~10%, The material which touches the pulp is stainless steel.Include automatic control.

Double disc refiner: Refiner diameterΦ600mm, input consistency2~5%, capacity=120~150 t/d. The main materialHT250, the material which touch the pulp is stainless steel SUS304, plate material is stainless steel ZG2Cr13, grinding material is high chromium alloy steel, gear coupling is made of 40 forging.

Cultural paper machine

Trimmed width: 3200mm

Basis weight: 40~80g/㎡

Gauge: 4300mm

Capacity: 100t/d

Operating speed: 400m/min

Designed speed: 450m/min

Drive type:  AC variable frequency drive division