Paper Machine Delivery Site For Yilong Paper

After delivering our latest pressure screen, D-type hydrapulper, and vertical pulper to customers, Leizhan Machinery has initiated a thorough series of follow-up visits. These visits aim to guarantee customer satisfaction with their newly acquired paper machines. Our proactive customer service team is actively reaching out to customers, soliciting their feedback and opinions to enhance the performance of the equipment they’ve invested in.

Details Of Delivery

Ordered machine: Chain conveyor, D-type hydrapulper, pressure screen, cleaner, vertical pulper
Delivery machine: Pressure screen, D-type hydrapulper, vertical pulper

Delivery time: February 26

Delivery destination: Guiyang

Through proactive follow-up visits and ongoing enhancements to our services, Leizhan Machinery has significantly increased customer satisfaction and elevated our corporate standing. Feel free to contact us at any time for inquiries or assistance via email at