Writing Paper Machine

writing paper machine

Leizhan provide corrugated paper machine, kraft paper machine, tissue paper machine, cultural paper machine, etc., writing paper is culture paper, our cultural paper machine equipped high quality spare parts and low price to produce high-grade fine paper.

Writing paper pulping project

If use wood pulp as raw material, the pulping process of writing paper is similar with tissue paper, the quality of raw material has a directly influence on the finished paper quality. The wood pulp is the best choice for culture and tissue paper production, followed by white shavings, sometimes some plant use waste book, magazine, newspaper, etc. as material, this need more equipment to ensure the slurry quality, such as increase Low density cleaner, fine screening equipment and High-speed stock washer to make the pulp cleaner to meet paper making requirements.

Cultural paper machine

Paper grade: high-grade fine paper, carbonless paper

Trimmed Weight: 1880~3750mm

Operating speed: 200~1200m/min

Production capacity: 20~270t/d