Waste Paper Recycling Chain Conveyor

Chain conveyor

Chain Conveyor used in waste paper recycling line to translate waste paper into pulper equipment or Bale Breaker for disasseming the bundles of waste paper. On June, 2017 Leizhan delivered Chain conveyor for the UAE Paper Mill.

Delivered site

Time: June, 2017
Customer: The UAE Paper Mill
Project: Waste paper recycling project
Delivered equipment: Chain conveyor

Cooperation details

The UAE Paper Mill manager know about our paper machine in our website, they need a transmission device to convey the waste paper into pulper equipment to save manpower, and we suggest them to choose Chain Conveyor as the transmission device. After several contact and compared with other supplier,  finally the purchasing manager decided purchasing Leizhan Chain conveyor for their paper mill.

Leizhan Chain conveyor

Chain conveyor type Leizhan supplied from ∅2500 to ∅4250mm, and can designed special type according to your requirements. The production capacity from 70 to 1400t/d, during the transmission process the big impurities can be sewn off from the chain plate.


1. Trough plate punch forming which high strength and excellent in crushing effect.
2. Chain board adopts closed design to prevent material leaking.
3. Two rows of idler traction chain and hollow roller shaft,and oil can be injected from pin roll to shaft sleeve and wear-resistant zinc-copper bushing.
4. Two rows of chain adopt long axis to prevent chain running deviation.
5. Chain wheel adopts cast steel to improve wear-resistant.