Suction Couch Roll in Paper Machine

Use and Maintenance of Suction Couch Roll

1. Before the production, the inner wall of the roller and the suction seal of the vacuum chamber must be run in the idle operation. The method of running in is to open the spray pipe inside the roller to make the roller run empty. After running for a certain period of time, check the sealing strip and the inner wall. In the case, the vacuum of the Suction Couch Roll can be ensured after the good condition is obtained. When adjusting the width of the door, be sure to pass compressed air before proceeding.

2. Production must be carried out after the Suction Couch Roll is running normally, the slurry, water, electricity, gas supply is normal, and all parts before the start-up production are cleaned, oiled, inspected, etc.

3. Check the vacuum gauge of the Suction Couch Roll, the pressure gauge is good, and the pointer is at 0

4. Always check the degree of vacuum during the use of the Suction Couch Roll. If the vacuum is suddenly dropped and it is not the cause of the vacuum system, stop the Suction Couch Roll and check the sealing strip. The sealing strip must be replaced after it wears out.

5. When withdrawing the vacuum box, first rotate the vacuum box, which is perpendicular to the ground in the roller, and then withdraw the vacuum box.

Maintenance Points of Suction Couch Roll

1. Maintenance personnel should always clean the machine to keep the Suction Couch Roll clean and the roller face open.

2. The bearing is the supporting part in the operation of the Suction Couch Roll, and it is also an important part in the roller. The staff should check it once a day, clean it once a year and change the oil once.

3. Always check the pressure gauge to see if the pointer is sensitive and whether the pressure changes to find out if there is any air leakage or water leakage in the tire.

Only when the Suction Couch Roll is properly installed, carefully adjusted and carefully maintained, can the maximum potential of the equipment be realized, the equipment operation rate can be increased, the output can be increased, the product quality can be guaranteed, and the economic benefits of the enterprise can be improved.

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