Stock Preparation Machine Medium Consistency Hydrapulper

Leizhan Machinery hopes to provide you with efficient, reliable and flexible pulp preparation solutions, so that the medium-consistency hydrapulper can improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs for customers. Whether you are in waste paper recycling or new paper production, we can provide the most suitable medium consistency hydrapulper for you.

Advantage of Medium Consistency Hydrapulper

1. Efficiently disperse and depolymerize pulp raw materials to ensure the uniformity and quality of pulp.

2. Advanced energy management system to minimize energy consumption, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

3. It has stable operating characteristics and reliable performance, ensuring long-term continuous operation and reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

4. Provide customized medium-consistency hydrolyzer solutions to meet customers’ special needs and requirements.

We can provide the best solution according to the needs of our customers, including the size and function of the medium-consistency hydrolyzer. If you are interested in medium-consistency hydrapulper, please contact us. Email address: