Small Scale Tissue Paper Machine For Paper Mill

Tissue paper machine is mainly applied to manufacture paper hygiene products, such as toilet paper, facial tissue, kitchen paper towels, tissue paper, etc. Tissue paper machine can process paper pulp into single-layer or multi-layer soft and absorbent paper products through a series of processes.

Basic parameters of tissue paper machine

1. Paper Machine Form: Single Wire, Single felt, Crescent Former Tissue Machine

2. Machine direction: right/left hand machine

3. Paper type: crepe paper

4. Maximum gross output of reeling machine: 40 tons/day

5. Paper Raw Materials: reed pulp

6. Reeling machine quantitative: Minimum: 13 gsm Maximum: 32 gsm

7. Reeling machine paper width: 2850 mm

8. Maximum working speed: 600 m/min

With tissue paper machine, manufacturers can achieve efficient, precise and large-scale tissue paper production to meet the growing consumer demand for tissue paper. Welcome to contact us. Email address: