Sizing Machine For Paper Making Line

The sizing process of sizing machine helps to control the absorption and penetration of liquids into the paper, making it suitable for various applications.

The sizing machine for paper making line usually consists of a coating unit where the sizing agent is applied, a drying section to remove excess moisture, and a calendering unit for further processing. Different types of sizing machines can be used depending on the specific requirements of the paper being produced, such as film press sizing machines, blade sizing machines, or size press machines.

Sizing Roll of Sizing Machine

Specification: 850mm×2850mm

Roller Body: cast iron HT250, net wall thickness 70mm, surface coated with artificial stone glue, glue thickness 20mm, hardness “A” 100±2°, surface fine grinding

Description: The roller body is electrically heated and hot-fitted with the shaft head end cover, and finally connected and fastened with high-strength bolts; the shaft neck has a taper of 1:12, and a hydraulic oil withdrawal hole is set with the bearing.

Rolling bearing: 113640

Lubrication: Grease lubrication

Overall, the sizing machine plays a crucial role in enhancing the properties of paper and ensuring high-quality production in the paper making line. It helps to improve the performance of the paper and meet the diverse needs of customers in industries such as printing, packaging, and publishing.

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