Single Effect Fiber Separator For Paper Making Line

Single effect fiber separator is equivalent to a combination of a sealed horizontal hydraulic pulper and a light and heavy impurity remover. It has a compact structure and high efficiency. Single effect fiber separator integrates functions such as crushing, impurity removal, and coarse screening, greatly simplifying the waste paper treatment process and reducing energy consumption.

Application & Features

1. The single-effect fiber separator includes a casing. A horizontally rotating main shaft extending into the casing is provided on the support. One end of the main shaft is provided with a cutterhead located inside the casing, and the other end of the main shaft is provided with a V-belt pulley located outside the casing.

2. The casing is equipped with slurry inlet pipe, light impurity outlet and heavy impurity outlet. The casing is equipped with a good slurry outlet pipe under the main shaft. There is a vertical slurry outlet fixed on the inner wall of the casing between the inlet of the good slurry outlet pipe and the cutterhead. sieve plate on top.

3. The casing is cylindrical. The upper part of the casing is connected to a slag suction pipe in the tangential direction on the side adjacent to the light impurity outlet. The outlet of the slag suction pipe is connected to a heavy slag remover.

After the single-effect fiber separator removes slag, the screen holes are less likely to be blocked by debris, the production capacity is increased, and the service life of the cutterhead and screen plate is extended. Welcome to contact us to discuss more details. Email address: